captain england
captain england PrieŇ° 4 val
Great vid harley keep it up
Jay 322
Jay 322 PrieŇ° 4 val
U da bes playa
Rory Veltman
Rory Veltman PrieŇ° 4 val
The energetic design conversantly clean because lentil interestingly attack until a well-groomed glue. awful, tricky soda
„ÄéMvL„ÄŹ‚ÄĘ“ě„ÉĘ„āĆšĻô√Ė PrieŇ° 4 val
Mhm yep fresh bundle and lazarboi icon series skin wow
GrunionQ PrieŇ° 4 val
Does it make it scary at 1 life?
Alfyris PrieŇ° 4 val
Charlie Playz
Charlie Playz PrieŇ° 4 val
WEHOOWHEOOWHEOO goes laser beam ūüėā
Sam Finke
Sam Finke PrieŇ° 4 val
Whos here after Lazarbeam got his skin
Rory Veltman
Rory Veltman PrieŇ° 4 val
The last rainbow inevitably search because bracket advantageously educate apud a mountainous authorization. humorous, awake salary
Daan Meijer
Daan Meijer PrieŇ° 4 val
Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this game mode
Rio Henderson
Rio Henderson PrieŇ° 4 val
CageFN PrieŇ° 4 val
Lachy got 40 bomb
Hehf PrieŇ° 4 val
Wolf PrieŇ° 5 val
Lol he didn't check the vault
Dan The Man
Dan The Man PrieŇ° 5 val
fresh sayif you have a green tack how bout u say it is called pikle tack
Garian Fernandez
Garian Fernandez PrieŇ° 5 val
How to do that yall you have to use the mythic and close ur internet and there thats how you do thatūüėĀūüėĀūüėā
Daniel Kurich
Daniel Kurich PrieŇ° 5 val
Did anyone notice that he die to Auras all the time?
Lois Brown
Lois Brown PrieŇ° 5 val
Code fresh in the item shop
Daniel Kurich
Daniel Kurich PrieŇ° 5 val
You know Fresh is grinding scrims cuz he said got some "Surge" Lmao. its siphon
Logan DeLong
Logan DeLong PrieŇ° 5 val
Rahul Pulman
Rahul Pulman PrieŇ° 5 val
Tran Family
Tran Family PrieŇ° 5 val
the bolt is my favorite sniper
Elite Eron
Elite Eron PrieŇ° 5 val
Can you stop saying what’s up guys yes. It’s soo annoying I don’t know why u have merch brands and friends u steal others ideas for views. How stupid are u?!
Steph King
Steph King PrieŇ° 5 val
iam the best
Charles Lopez
Charles Lopez PrieŇ° 5 val
the lazarbeam challenge
Tran Family
Tran Family PrieŇ° 5 val
i got 29 snipes in comeback
SparkzzFN PrieŇ° 5 val
how many times lannan said rough or dawg
Reesyboy PrieŇ° 5 val
10:29 Fresh: I don’t want no trouble Me: yeah you only want to kill him
Scrawl PrieŇ° 5 val
he brought jynx along thats a true friendship not just a fortnite friendship
Carver Heise
Carver Heise PrieŇ° 5 val
does fresh respond to comments? ūüôĄ
Emma Hart
Emma Hart PrieŇ° 5 val
your good
Priit Soosaar
Priit Soosaar PrieŇ° 5 val
Please reply
Helen Robinson
Helen Robinson PrieŇ° 5 val
fresh aim assist
Priit Soosaar
Priit Soosaar PrieŇ° 5 val
You and me have the same birthday its 5. march
J Rosario
J Rosario PrieŇ° 5 val
fresh how's ur head?:D
Laura Zhang
Laura Zhang PrieŇ° 5 val
i find at least 4 hand cannons per game and i mistake them for a purple pistolūüė≠ūüė≠
Brady Zornes
Brady Zornes PrieŇ° 5 val
hey fresh good job 37 kills wow
Braeden Sinner
Braeden Sinner PrieŇ° 5 val
Fresh your dads getting his own fortnite skin let's go...
Sophia PrieŇ° 5 val
I am on Nentendo swich
DillPickle „ÉĄ
DillPickle „ÉĄ PrieŇ° 5 val
You should do life as a tfue skin
Aryan Bhagat
Aryan Bhagat PrieŇ° 5 val
i dont have a win
Aryan Bhagat
Aryan Bhagat PrieŇ° 5 val
can u add me fresh my username is Ninja110111
Tayyub Awan
Tayyub Awan PrieŇ° 5 val
u on x ay live stream r now?
Aryan Bhagat
Aryan Bhagat PrieŇ° 5 val
i am decent at fortnite lol
The Shadow Fight King
The Shadow Fight King PrieŇ° 5 val
Can you give me a link of the 1000 dollar keyboard to amazon pls.
Lloyd Rogers
Lloyd Rogers PrieŇ° 5 val
what mouse do you use fresh
Lloyd Rogers
Lloyd Rogers PrieŇ° 5 val
only asked because I'm learning to play keyboard and mouse (im a controller player)
Arkan Nerazzurra Astana
Arkan Nerazzurra Astana PrieŇ° 5 val
Arkan Nerazzurra Astana
Arkan Nerazzurra Astana PrieŇ° 5 val
Rj7 PrieŇ° 5 val
11:31 u see that charge its glitched
diamond dog
diamond dog PrieŇ° 5 val
xWEASELx PrieŇ° 5 val
This video should be renamed "Fresh bullies his subs" ūüėā
Kyle Patrick Murphy
Kyle Patrick Murphy PrieŇ° 5 val
Subscribe to Rowland plays plz
King_yeet 5456
King_yeet 5456 PrieŇ° 5 val
my guy has a skin on in the vidio tho
mxp_ 08
mxp_ 08 PrieŇ° 5 val
Yoo you are cracked my guy
James Harris
James Harris PrieŇ° 5 val
Code AliA now
Wrestling tournament and celebration
Wrestling tournament and celebration PrieŇ° 5 val
samantha lu
samantha lu PrieŇ° 5 val
Wise words of Fresh: "I looted all of PP"
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor PrieŇ° 5 val
8:11 fresh sais its a great game mode but then gets beamed and says how hard it is lol
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor PrieŇ° 5 val
y fresh no upload today
Galaxy Yt
Galaxy Yt PrieŇ° 5 val
Lazerbeam is getting a skin
Savage Gater
Savage Gater PrieŇ° 6 val
My kill record is 30
Bigboss1612 Bigboss
Bigboss1612 Bigboss PrieŇ° 6 val
Due to an issue we removed the fowling fresh
Glaze Faldua
Glaze Faldua PrieŇ° 6 val
Can i get a xbox
ttv botloom
ttv botloom PrieŇ° 6 val
POV it was Jennifer Walters that killed him
Jamie Malcolm
Jamie Malcolm PrieŇ° 6 val
12.12 the guy he killed had small fries
nononono nononono
nononono nononono PrieŇ° 6 val
8:00 I thought you weren't going to get carried away...
Aryan G V
Aryan G V PrieŇ° 6 val
well now we know why there's no pumps this season they're overpowered on this stupid map
TTV_Warrior 1134
TTV_Warrior 1134 PrieŇ° 6 val
YES HE SAID what’s down guys NO
Dom the pro game Messina
Dom the pro game Messina PrieŇ° 6 val
I have a LTtown channel and the name is dom the pro gamer messina
Otk is cracked
Otk is cracked PrieŇ° 6 val
Who’s here in 2021
SPLaSH CAsh PrieŇ° 6 val
Level buyer
Fazel Bahador
Fazel Bahador PrieŇ° 6 val
I was dufult for tow years beacuse i got hacked but my friend gift me orin today
Lisa McKenna
Lisa McKenna PrieŇ° 6 val
Lennon only won 1 game alive
bahadeen hassan
bahadeen hassan PrieŇ° 6 val
Fresh: gosh i was popping off Me: haha u dided so many times
KaylanPlayz PrieŇ° 6 val
Happy bday
Ghost maple
Ghost maple PrieŇ° 6 val
I miss this dream team
Harry McEwan
Harry McEwan PrieŇ° 6 val
Hi fresh
lirix PrieŇ° 6 val
He came 37th twice in a row bruh
Jeremy Baggett
Jeremy Baggett PrieŇ° 6 val
Bloody legend
AE LIL Scanny
AE LIL Scanny PrieŇ° 6 val
I won twice staying in green with 10 plus kills ūüėā